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Hamilton's Best Ice Cream Spots

July 9, 2021

Picture this: It’s a nice hot summer day in Hamilton. The sun is shining. You’re out and about with some friends, family, or even riding solo and you think to yourself, “Jeez, I could really use something cold and refreshing.” How does some of the best ice cream in Hamilton sound?


Join us as we explore some of the many great ice cream joints Hamilton has to offer:


Big Scoops Ice Cream (2 Duke Street, Hamilton)

Big Scoops Ice Cream is a little pick up spot tucked away just off James Street South. They offer huge portions and a variety of Hewitt’s Dairy flavours. Delicious and large servings! How can it get any better than that?


The Purple Pony (346 Wilson St E, Ancaster)

With its cool and not-so-obvious ice cream name, The Purple Pony has been an Ancaster favourite since 2006. This popular spot offers over 30 flavours of Hewitt’s Dairy ice cream as well as frozen yogurt, sherbets, and sugar-free and goat milk options. The best part about this place is that they operate out of a garage! Outside of the garage you’ll find benches and pony rocking chairs for the kids and adult kids (yes I’m talking to you) so you can sit and enjoy your sweet treat.


A&J Sugar Bowl Ice-Cream Parlor (124 MacNab St. N Hamilton)

A&J Sugar Bowl Ice Cream parlor is truly a one-stop dessert shop. Do you like bubble tea? They have it! Do you like crepes? They have a bunch! Ice cream? Obviously. Pay them a visit to see all of their other dessert options and satisfy that sweet tooth.


Marble Slab Creamery (1550 Upper James Street, Hamilton)

Brace yourself, because Marble Slab Creamery is no joke. Some would call this an ice cream lover’s heaven. Why is that? Because not only can you get traditional ice cream cones, you can also get ice cream cupcakes! It doesn’t end there! They also have ice cream pies, milkshakes, and banana splits…. Be right back, I’m heading there now. Marble Slab offers a huge range of ice cream flavours, cones and toppings that you can pick, mix and customize into your ice cream! The options are practically endless.


The Horn Of Plenty (24 King Street West, Dundas)

This Dundas staple is not only known for its ice cream but also for its selection of gourmet and healthy foods. When it comes to dessert, they didn’t stop at ice cream. They also offer milkshakes, ice cream cookie sandwiches and root beer floats! The best part: they invented their own dough recipe which you can get by the cup, cone, and in containers to go. It’s called DOH. Homer Simpson would be proud.


Paradise Smoothies & Ice Cream (919 Upper Paradise Rd. Hamilton)

Have you ever heard of an ice cream doughnut sandwich? Me neither — but I’m very glad I know about them now. It’s just one of the incredible menu items at Paradise Smoothies and Ice Cream, alongside traditional single or double scooped ice cream cones in waffle bowls or cones. Not only can you choose your own toppings, you can also choose to have your cones dipped in cherry, peanut butter, toasted coconut, blue raspberry, or butterscotch. Wow. Aside from ice cream, you can also enjoy fruit smoothies, milkshakes, slushies, and floats. That’s a lot of options!


Panini & Ice Cream (1505 Main St E, Hamilton)

This place is cool… and different. How many places do you know where you can get a panini for lunch or dinner and ice cream for dessert? Panini & Ice Cream offers traditional ice cream cones and milkshakes but is best known for its half and half dessert, (half ice cream, half milkshake). Customers can make their own custom combinations or choose from one of their delicious menu options.


La Creme De La Creme (170 Locke Street S, Hamilton)

This Locke Street South gem is one to remember for your next ice cream fix. La Creme De La Creme offers everything chocolate including handcrafted artisan chocolate, chocolate fondue, hot chocolate, seasonal chocolate items like chocolate covered strawberries and — of course, — ice cream. This isn't your typical scoop of ice cream. This is soft serve ice cream dipped in a massive variety of options including salted caramel, coconut and cookies & cream. Believe me when I say they have an option for everyone. The best part is that $1 from each of “Emma’s Picks” – from hand-crafted chocolate to soft serve ice cream cones – helps to positively impact partner organizations with a focus on at-risk youth, LGBTQ+ and those with food insecurities. Delicious treats and a good cause!


Chocolat on James (123 James St. North)

Inspired by the wave of creative and entrepreneurial energy in the James North area, chocolatier Sheryl Cronsberry opened this sophisticated chocolate boutique. Within this chocolatey heaven, you can find yourself some delicious soft service ice cream with a multitude of flavours and toppings! Change it up and get it in a waffle bowl, cone, or ice cream covered in a thick coating of, you guessed it, chocolat(e)!


AMO Gelato Caffe (171 Locke Street South)

AMO is the place to be for all of your gelato cravings and, let’s be honest, needs. Many of their flavours are inspired by your favourite cereals, chocolate bars, fruits, and seasonal treats including Peeps and Kinder Eggs! They also offer vegan and gluten-free options. Their front patio is a great place to plant yourself while enjoying the sweet, sweet, goodness — and when you’re done, you can grab a coffee to go! It is a caffe after all.

The best part is that this is just a handful of the best ice cream places Hamilton has to offer. So, which one are you going to visit first? I’ll see you at them all!


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