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Ambitious Realty Loves Local: Coffee Shops

February 23, 2021

Working in the real estate industry is an around the clock profession! And what helps with ‘round the clock work? You guessed it - COFFEE! 


Our Ambitious Realty family is passionate about coffee - particularly from one of the many amazing local cafes found right here in Hamilton. It is so important to be supporting local whenever and wherever we can right now, and getting our daily coffee from one of these businesses is a great way to do so. 


We have selected 5 of our absolute favourite coffee shops we strongly encourage you to check out! 




Cafe Oranje

312 King Street East, Hamilton ON


Located right in the heart of Hamilton’s International Village, Cafe Oranje offers an incredible menu of espresso-based hot and cold drinks and locally blended teas. Their coffee products are Fair Trade & Organic, ethically and sustainably sourced, and roasted locally by Vintage Coffee Roasters, Signal Coffee Co. and Relay Coffee. In addition to a delicious selection of beverages they also offer breakfast and lunch items with both vegan and gluten free options! These products are sourced from local bakeries and retailers - does it get more local than that?! We don’t think so! Next time you find yourself downtown, don’t miss out on Cafe Oranje!






Emerald Coffee

340 Barton Street East, Hamilton ON


Over the years, Emerald Coffee Co. has become a true Hamilton favourite. Located on Barton Street, Emerald coffee is serving up an amazing selection of hot drinks, sandwiches, wraps, and baked goods. You can currently order online for pick up! The stunning front window of the cafe was painted by the late, iconic signwriter Scott J. Martin of Brush Boys. 








Detour Coffee Roasters

41 King Street West, Dundas ON


Located in the heart of Downtown Dundas, Detour has established themselves prominently in the local coffee scene for the past decade. The cafe features the seasonal coffees they source and freshly roast alongside a rotating (and mouthwatering) menu they regularly change to showcase local and seasonal ingredients. In addition to the cafe, Detour also offers both recurring AND gift coffee subscription programs, where you can have bags of their delicious coffee delivered right to yours or your loved ones doors! 




Mezza Caffe

28 James St N Unit 104, Hamilton, ON


Located in the historic Lister Block building on James North, Mezza Caffe is a true family owned business dating back to 1995 when the Meza family opened their business in Venezuela. Their knowledge and expertise of coffee has been passed down through generations and brought to North America. We are so lucky as Hamiltonians to have the true European cafe experience brought to us by Mezza right here in Hamilton.



If you’re interested in learning more about some amazing Hamilton gems check out our blogs highlighting local restaurants and local shops!



Smalls Coffee

8 Cannon Street East, Hamilton ON


Tucked away just off of James North, Smalls Coffee calls itself “a tiny take-away spot”. What they may lack in size they make up for in incredible coffee! Serving Sam James beans, Smalls offers all of your classic favourite drinks! You’re not gonna want to miss out on their perfect flat white!






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