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Ambitious Realty: Hamilton Restaurant Favourites

January 18, 2021

If there’s one thing the Ambitious Team has in common (other than a passion for real estate, of course), it’s that we all LOVE to enjoy the amazing food scene present in Hamilton.

Now, more than ever we need to come together as a community to support the restaurants we know and love as they continue to face hardship during the pandemic. We asked our team to put together a list of some of their all time favourite Hamilton establishments to highlight (It was VERY hard to pick just 12!)

From classic diner fare to authentic Vietnamese/Thai food, Hamilton has such an incredible selection to choose from. We’ve included how to support each of these businesses through takeout or delivery. When you can, please consider ordering directly from the restaurants as it saves them a substantial fee that is collected by the delivery service platforms.

We dare you to get through this list without your stomach grumbling! 

Electric Diner

96 George Street, Hamilton ON

Inspired by the classic 80’s diner, Electric Diner specializes in amazing burgers - like the Electric Burger which consists of two beef patties, double American cheese, hickory sticks, awesome Sauce, chipotle ketchup, lettuce, pickle and, onion as well as whimsical breakfast items like the Rainbow Brite Pancakes: 3 buttermilk pancakes with rainbow cream cheese icing, topped with Froot Loops cereal. 

You can currently order for takeout or delivery. They are currently available on Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats for delivery, but fun fact, the restaurant saves a whopping 20% when you order directly through their website right here: https://www.electricdinerhamilton.com/order-online-1 

The Mule

41 King William Street, Hamilton ON

A Hamilton staple, the Mule has been satisfying our taco cravings for years and have continued to do so through the pandemic! They are offering an amazing selection of tacos, appetizers, and brunch on the weekends as well as selling take home cocktail kits for those who want the full Mule experience complete with a margarita! Be sure to check out their instagram page for any specials they have!

You can currently order from The Mule through Skip the Dishes, Uber Eats, or directly from the restaurant for pick up right here: https://www.themule.ca/take-out

Berkeley North

31 King William Street, Hamilton ON

Recognized as one of the top restaurants in Ontario, Berkeley North offers an incredible selection of small plates, salads (the avocado salad is a personal favourite!), and sandwiches (Our favourite is the fried chicken - you’re not going to want to miss out on that!)

You can currently order from Berkeley North through Skip the Dishes for delivery, or directly from the restaurant for pick up right here: https://www.berkeleynorth.ca/takeout

Ben Thanh

113 James Street North, Hamilton ON

Ben Thanh Restaurant, located on James Street North serves an incredible selection of Thai and Vietnamese dishes made with passion and know how. Ben Thanh Restaurant also has a full vegetarian menu with appetizers, soups and main entrées.

You can currently order from Ben Thanh through Door Dash for delivery, or better yet directly through the restaurant’s website right here: https://www.benthanhhamilton.ca/


117 King St. West, Dundas, Ontario

Located in Dundas, Emilio’s is serving up the classic pizza, sub sandwiches, salads, and wings you know and love!

Available for pick up in store, or delivery within boundaries outlined on their website. Call (905) 628-2445 to place your order!

Gastro Market

193 King Street East Hamilton ON

Brought to you by three professional chefs, Gastro Market is a new favourite of the office and offers a market style grocery store with produce, meats, stocks, sauces and dry goods. They also carry a mouthwatering selection of grab and go meals that only need to be heated and served! Their seasonal menu changes weekly. 

To learn more about Gastro Market, head over to their website here: https://gastromarket.ca/contact/

Bon Temps

61 Young Street, Hamilton ON

Bon Temps is offering a mouth-watering, rotating take-out menu that they are posting to their Instagram @bontempsrestaurant. In addition to this, they have a bottle shop set up in the restaurant for you to peruse when you pick up your food! They have recently started selling bottled cocktails for you to simply open and enjoy!

To order for takeout, call 905-523-7177 or visit their website https://order.bontempshamilton.ca/ 

Saint James

170 James Street North, Hamilton ON

Saint James brought us The Drive-Thru breakfast sandwich, and really - need we say more? They also offer a delightful selection of open faced toasts (do NOT miss out on the Avocado toast!) and short stacks with amazing topping combinations. 

Place an order for pick up by calling (289) 389-6565 or find them on Uber Eats for delivery.

Equal Parts Restaurant Group

Aberdeen Tavern - 432 Aberdeen Ave, Hamilton ON - (905) 523-7707

The French - 37 King William Street, Hamilton ON - (905) 528-3737

The Diplomat - 43 King William Street, Hamilton ON - (905) 523-4343

No matter what you’re in the mood for, one of the Equal Parts restaurants will be sure to satisfy that craving! From the scallop and mushroom risotto from Aberdeen Tavern to Greek nachos from The Diplomat, you will not regret getting take out from any of these three Hamilton staples!

You can currently order takeout directly by calling the restaurants, or find them on Uber Eats for Delivery.


470 King St West, Hamilton ON

Victoria’s has a beautiful steak and seafood focused menu that will not leave you disappointed! Don’t miss out on appetizers like Burrata with dandelion pesto! They are currently open for dinner orders Tuesday through Saturday from 4-9pm. 

Call the restaurant to order directly for takeout at 905-540-4771 or find them on Uber Eats for delivery!


49 King William Street, Hamilton ON

207 Ottawa Street North, Hamilton ON

HAMBRGR was one of the top picks from the Ambitious Team, and who could blame them!? You only need one look at the artfully created menu to fall in true burger love. From feature burgers that come complete with curly fries as a topping to classic burgers done right, there’s something for everyone here - even offering a vegetarian friendly burger!

To place your order follow this link here: https://linktr.ee/EatHambrgr or find them on Skip the Dishes and Door Dash. 

Mattson & Co

225 Locke Street South

The Mattson Family brings elegance and local sourcing to Hamilton’s blossoming food scene. Founded by local restaurateur Ronn Mattai whose vision is to bring quality cuisine, drinks and jazz to #HamOnt foodies. Recently, Mattson & Co has expanded to include their Wine Lover’s Market, where you can find a selection of premium wines from both local and import wineries. 

You can currently enjoy Mattson & Co as well as the Wine Lover’s Market through takeout and delivery! Call directly at 905-525-0225, and check out their menu online here https://mattsonandco.ca/mattsonandco/ 


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