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sales representative

Thomas Madronich

Sales Representative

Find your dream home in our homes database, from cheap to expensive, it doesn’t matter we have it.

Thomas Madronich



About me

Tom is a born and raised Hamiltonian with over 25 years of Real Estate experience. As a child, Tom was surrounded by Real Estate; his family was heavily involved with local development, and he spent his childhood primarily between the family’s city home on Markland and his grandfather’s fruit farm in Beamsville.

At the time, Tom believed Hamilton to be undervalued and underappreciated; so, after earning his Bachelor of Commerce at McMaster University, he felt compelled to attend OREA Real Estate College where he aspired to master the many facets of Real Estate, and draw attention to Hamilton’s untapped potential.

Today, Tom possesses an expert understanding of property and land development, property management, property appraisal, new-build construction, and commercial and residential investments. Tom’s efforts are focused in both residential and commercial properties, but he admits that he has a piqued interest in farmland - likely owed to the days spent on his grandfather’s farm. In his spare time, you can find Tom sailing as a member of The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club; walking his two dogs around the city; or championing Hamilton at any of Ambitious’ community events.