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sales representative

Scott Bouman

Sales Representative

Find your dream home in our homes database, from cheap to expensive, it doesn’t matter we have it.

Scott Bouman

About me

Scott was born and raised in the small town of Blyth, Ontario. Growing up, Scott dreamt of becoming a positive influence and leader in his community. Realizing that he would make an exceptional minister,
Scott enrolled at Redeemer University and made the move to Hamilton in 2001. Following the completion of his studies, Scott moved from Hamilton to Toronto, and found success working as a mortgage specialist. Helping his client-base realize their real estate dreams was intoxicating, and before long, Scott recognized that his unique mortgage experience and his keen interest of real estate could lead to a rewarding career as a REALTOR®. When it became time to purchase their first home, Scott and his partner looked to Hamilton. They desired to purchase in an intimate community that they could get to know. Scott had experienced the energy of Hamilton during his Redeemer days, and felt that it would be a great move for their family. Scott continued his work as mortgage specialist, commuting to Toronto when necessary, as he attended OREA Real Estate College. Scott was licenced in 2012, and joined Ambitious Realty Advisors in November
of 2015. Scott recognized that Ambitious Realty Advisors was part of a movement in Hamilton. He felt that th passion for Hamilton was palpable and that Ambitious was working closely with a group of young entrepreneurs and forward thinkers who shared his values of being a positive influence in the community.
Today, Scott works closely with his clients in all facets of real estate; he has helped families find their homes, boutique retailers find their storefronts, and so muc more! Above all, Scott focuses on building a business with a strong foundation of integrity and trust In Scott’s own words, “I get to be a part of their dream, their future! I’m the key that opened the door.”