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sales representative

Matt Brent

Sales Representative

Find your dream home in our homes database, from cheap to expensive, it doesn’t matter we have it.

Matt Brent


About me

“Working as the deals processor at Ambitious Realty gave me valuable knowledge of how to see a deal through to the end. I am grateful for the support and experience I’ve gained from being in a great atmosphere with a team of great sales reps.

My ideal client is anyone who is excited about their move and making a positive change, whether selling, purchasing or leasing. I like to be receptive to all of my client’s questions and needs. Every transaction is unique but the constant with me is making the experience as comfortable as possible. Real estate can be intimidating. My goal is to alleviate any concerns and create a positive and efficient experience for all of my clients. I want my clients to remember our experience as professional, efficient, and fun!

My friends describe me as someone who loves working hard towards my goals, accomplishing them and having fun. My inspiration comes from the Mamba Mentality. The belief that you get what you put in. Regardless of your goal, it’s all about how hard you are willing to work to achieve that goal.

I love Hamilton. The city offers all sorts of rich culture, heritage, industry, healthcare, education and food! Whether you consider Hamilton a healthcare city, an arts city, or good ol’ Steeltown, there is something here for everyone. Growing up in Hamilton’s West End and Dundas instilled in me a love for the GTHA and all it’s beauty.

When I’m not working, I like to be physically active by running on one of the many amazing Dundas Valley trails, working out in the gym, and playing basketball with my friends. I’m a passionate Hamilton Tiger Cats season ticket holder as well as a huge Toronto Raptors fan. Some of my favorite spots in the city include the Hamilton Farmers Market, Denningers, Detour Coffee, Gastro Market and St. James Eatery.

I look forward to being out in the community as a realtor, and cannot wait to develop wonderful relationships with all of my future clients. Ambitious Realty is a reflection of Hamilton, the Ambitious City.”