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sales representative

Maggie Steele

Broker of Record

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Maggie Steele


About me

Maggie Steele is Ambitious Realty Advisors’ Broker of Record and was the first REALTOR® to join the Ambitious team in 2014. At the age of 19, Maggie purchased her first home in downtown Hamilton and she fell in love with the city! Since that time, Maggie has proudly lived in the heart of Hamilton, and couldn’t imagine calling another community her home!

Following the loss of her husband, Randy Steele (CHCH’s Steele Town), to cancer in 2009, Maggie poured her heart and efforts into supporting the community that had supported Randy, Maggie, and their four daughters. And in 2014, Maggie was awarded the YWCA’s Women of Distinction Turning Point Award - a recognition awarded to those who have overcome adversity in their lives and have used their unique experiences to help other women.

In 2016, Maggie was chosen to be one of the 20 Hamilton-based women photographed for Blackbird Studio’s Suffragette City Collection. The collection was a celebration of Hamilton’s female leaders, role models, mentors, and creatives; the women photographed were not only shaking things up in the city themselves, but inspiring and motivating other women in the Hamilton community to do so as well.

Today, Maggie is well-known for her continuous volunteer work with The Wellwood Centre, for her annual silent auction and fundraiser in partnership with Ambitious Realty Advisors, and for her giving nature and sparkly spirit. When asked what makes Maggie ambitious, she responded, “I am passionate about building the Ambitious City. Being a Sales Representative at Ambitious Realty gives me the opportunity to share my extensive knowledge of all things Hamilton - available property, inclusive communities, new developments, schools, kid friendly hangouts, and everything in between. As a downtown girl, I aim to help others explore Hamilton with a focus on downtown, Locke Street, Victoria Park, and Central Hamilton.

Since joining Ambitious Realty, I have been a part of a team that is excited about showcasing Hamilton and all of its potential. I have over 14 years experience in not only selling homes, but in making connections with communities, businesses, organizations, and individuals around this city.”