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sales representative

Keriann Harlow

Sales Representative

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Keriann Harlow



About me

Keriann believes that knowledge is power when it comes to finding success in real estate.  

With a bachelor of commerce in marketing and international business, Keriann prides herself on her use of research and education to see far beyond local real-estate statistics and chatter, applying a macro view that spans the country to reveal opportunities that many people miss.

Keriann’s real-estate career includes experience across Canada in condo management and commercial leasing, where she applied groundbreaking ideas, including leasing a shopping centre’s vacant flagship retail space to a school. Her dogged determination to tackle problems with innovative solutions consistently paid off, leading to her receiving international recognition for an especially creative marketing solution.

Through her experience working alongside award-winning realtors, Keriann fostered her belief in the importance of always going for the win and ensuring all sides are happy — even if it requires a little outside-the-box thinking.

At Ambitious, Keriann combines a lifelong affection for residential real estate with her commercial-property background, applying her knowledge of each field and their influence on each other to support her clients’ unique goals. As a tireless researcher and analyst, Keriann has been studying Hamilton’s real-estate market growth for almost a decade, and is adamant that every major indicator supports the idea that the Steel City is the best place to be in Canada.

Keriann’s affection for Hamilton goes much deeper than its real-estate numbers, describing it as a small town in a big multi-cultural city, offering a unique mix of real people and natural beauty. Keriann lives and plays in the city’s west end, where she enjoys practicing yoga, kayaking, biking and reading. She’s also a trained sommelier who enjoys a spicy Shiraz.