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sales representative

Deep Mann

Sales Representative

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Deep Mann


About me

Born and raised in India before moving to Mississauga as a teenager, Deep's passion for Hamilton was ignited while studying economics at McMaster University, in the city's lush west end. Always drawn to the possibility-filled world of real estate, Deep's career has included experience in property appraisal in addition to multiple years spent assisting clients as a Realtor.

With his uniquely analytical background Deep can cut through speculation to find the truth in the numbers. Deep has a positive assessment of the Hamilton market, believing that it offers sought-after affordability for both first-time buyers and for Toronto residents seeking new opportunities.

Today, Deep works closely with property investors who are eager to establish or grow their portfolio of commercial properties and businesses, using his insights and experience to uncover hidden potential and maximize their returns.

Deep and his family live in Stoney Creek, and love to explore the nostalgic South West area that first captured his affection for the Ambitious City.--