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sales representative

Byron Metcalfe

Sales Representative

Find your dream home in our homes database, from cheap to expensive, it doesn’t matter we have it.

Byron Metcalfe



About me

Investing in real estate has helped Byron find his own path to financial freedom — and now he’s eager to help his clients uncover the same.

Byron first dipped his toes into the waters of property investment while he was a student at McMaster University, renting rooms in his own house to friends. That experience helped him build the confidence he needed to buy his first rental property shortly after he graduated. Today, Byron’s investment portfolio includes five properties and a women’s kickboxing studio in Burlington. He strives to help his clients use real estate — even if it’s their first and only property — to help achieve their financial goals.

As a Realtor, Byron helps motivated clients embrace the art of “house hacking” — living in half and renting out the other half — mirroring the practice that fostered his own love for real estate and created his own pathway to prosperity. As he manages his own local investment properties, Byron is constantly tracking trends and property values in the Hamilton area and providing his clients with the same valuable insights and analysis on which he depends.

Byron believes that buying and selling properties should always be an easy, enjoyable experience, and empowers his clients direct their relationship in a way that is best for them. Prefer to talk over text? He loves that. More of a phone-call aficionado? Give him a ring. Maybe you’d like to meet up over coffee? He’s buying!

A long-time resident of Hamilton’s central mountain, Byron loves The Ambitious City’s independent restaurants and coffee shops and appreciates being close to Toronto — but not too close. The investor in him also appreciates the affordability of Hamilton’s real-estate market, compared to other major Canadian cities.

When he’s not searching for his next investment property, Byron enjoys spending time with his fiancée, Kim, playing sports and reading.