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sales representative

Byron Metcalfe

Sales Representative

Find your dream home in our homes database, from cheap to expensive, it doesn’t matter we have it.

Byron Metcalfe



About me

Byron attended McMaster University where he simultaneously completed his honours Kinesiology degree while also competing as a varsity athlete/captain for the school’s varsity football team. It was clear to Byron early on that he had passion for real estate and investing as he purchased his first of many rental properties in the Hamilton area shortly after graduating. As his knowledge and experience grew, it became evident that the best course of action would be for Byron to become a licensed Real Estate Sales Representative himself. As he manages his own investment properties, Byron constantly tracks trends and values in the Hamilton area. This benefits all types of sellers and buyers, including investors interested in residential income properties. Whether it’s a young couple looking to purchase their first home, someone getting ready to plan for their retirement or time for a change in scenery, Byron’s industry know-how within this vibrant and promising city will help you achieve your goals.