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sales representative

Branden Eldridge

Sales Representative

Find your dream home in our homes database, from cheap to expensive, it doesn’t matter we have it.

Branden Eldridge


About me

Branden is a born and raised Hamiltonian with a passion for historical Hamilton.

Before joining Ambitious Realty Advisors in 2016, Branden attended Queen’s University where he earned both his Honours Bachelor of Arts in History and a Masters Degree in Canadian History. Returning to Hamilton, Branden realized he had a newfound respect for the city he grew up in. He now understood, and appreciated, the significant importance of Hamilton’s role in shipbuilding, railroad, steel, and the formation of Canada.Branden’s appreciation for the city sparked a natural interest in local real estate and once Branden realized how expansive the industry was, he desired to jump in. Branden knew that each deal would be a fascinating puzzle that allowed for opportunity to create reciprocal wealth in his community.

Today, Branden’s efforts are focused on representing first time buyers and investors. He has a keen passion for helping people find their dream homes. Branden spends his spare time in Hamilton’s greenspace, and leverages his educational experience in the Greater Hamilton community through his extensive volunteer work as a Heritage Committee Member with the Burlington Heritage Committee.

When asked what makes Branden ambitious, he had this to say: “I’m ambitious because you have to be. I live in a community that is on the rise, and I live in a reality that has provided me the opportunity to engage and participate in a way that contributes to our community in a positive way. Every man dreams of being an influencing factor on his community. That opportunity has been provided to me. That is why I am ambitious.”