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sales representative

Ashley Lesiak

Sales Representative

Find your dream home in our homes database, from cheap to expensive, it doesn’t matter we have it.

Ashley Lesiak


About me

When Ashley moved to Hamilton in 2017, she witnessed first-hand all of the revitalization the city was experiencing and immediately knew she had to be a part of the action. 

With a degree in International Fashion Practice at Manchester Metropolitan University in England; Ashley is described as chic, yet studious with a brain for business and a love for investing in real estate, and helping others do the same! Ashley understands the importance of value-in vs. value-out, especially when it comes to investing. 

“Hamilton has grown so much in the last 7 years, and so have the opportunities. There is so much opportunity and diversity in the residential housing market”

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to put your roots down, or looking for an investment property - Ashley is your girl to go to! She is thorough, detail oriented and is sure to bring creative and gorgeous ideas to your future property. 

Ashley lives in the Entertainment District of Downtown Toronto and enjoys baking and going for leisurely walks and seeing the true diversity of Toronto, especially in wardrobe on Friday & Saturday nights.